History of OAO Sukno" has its origins in 1945, when the decision was made on construction in Minsk fine-cloth combine. In the winter of 1945-1946 on the site of the pre-war garment factory "October" and weight repair plant "Udarnik" began construction of the first stage of the enterprise. At the same time with construction there was an installation of the technological equipment received on reparations. In the autumn of 1945, a school of factory training (FZO) for 160 people was organized to train textile specialists.

In July 1947, the first stage of the plant was put into operation. The first shift was released 337 meters first Belarusian woolen overcoat fabrics. In total, in 1947, 90 thousand meters of finished fabrics were produced. In the same year, the boiler house was partially restored, the foundry was put into operation and the construction of housing for the company's employees began.

From 1949 to 1953, the year the company commissioned 10 carding machines, spinning machines 15 (selfaction), 148 mechanical looms and finishing equipment production.

In 1954, the reconstruction of the spinning mill. Old spinning machines were changed to new ring spinning machines, which allowed to increase labor productivity by 53 %.

In 1960, the carbonation line was launched, and the company first began production of pure wool fabrics. This year was released 50 thousand meters of drape "Capital".

In the period of 1960-1967, the company put into operation 174 units of new equipment. In 1962, a chemical station for the preparation of sulfurous and acid dyes was introduced.

In 1969 he began replacing the loom tekstima on machines STB.

According to the project GPI-10 Ulyanovsk in 1974 began construction of a new weaving and finishing and administrative buildings on the street Matusevich. In just five years (1970-1975), 189 units of technological equipment were installed, including 110 STB looms.

In the period 1976-1980, the company was assigned the task without reducing production volumes, to complete the construction of weaving and finishing production, administrative and household building, to transport equipment from the old site, to mount it and start production in new areas. In total, more than 300 units of technological equipment were transferred and installed on the new site.

On the vacant production areas of the old site, a complete reconstruction of the spinning mill was carried out by an economic method according to the project developed by the engineering and technical employees of the enterprise.

In 1980, the plant was transformed into an Association. Production of finished fabrics increased by 51 % and amounted to 7176 thousand sq.m. per year.

By 1986, the company produced 29 articles of fabrics in 273 color drawings. In 1990 in finishing production the high-performance equipment of the Italian firms is established. In the following years, the development of new technologies and equipment, including Italian, continued.

Open joint stock company "Sukno" created on the basis of the order of the state property Committee from December 30, 1993 No. 234 by converting the Minsk production of the order of the badge of Honour of fine plant Association named T. Y. Kiseleva, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on privatization of state property.