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In 2016, the company celebrated its 70th anniversary. Today open joint stock company "Sukno" is the largest textile manufacturer in the country, which has a full cycle of production from wool processing and yarn manufacturing to the production of fabrics for special and departmental purposes, including fabrics with water-repellent, acid-proof, fire-resistant and other impregnations. A variety of colors, texture, density and composition of high-quality fine wool and wool blend fabric coat and suit group, blankets and blankets are supplied to the CIS countries and the European Union, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Serbia, etc.

The enterprise is the Winner of the competition "the Best goods of the Republic of Belarus", the winner of the contest "the Best goods of the Republic of Belarus in the market of the Russian Federation", the diploma of the all – Russian exhibition center for the organization of production of competitive products, the winner of the XVI Republican competition of consumer preferences "Product of the year-2014", awarded the diploma of the first degree in the category "Blankets and blankets woven" for a wide range and quality of products. All products have declarations of conformity of the customs Union. The quality management system is certified for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009.

The staff of JSC "Sukno" aims to produce high-quality competitive products that meet the requirements of the most demanding consumers. We provide the ability to manufacture products to your order and sample. We have a flexible system of discounts.

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JSC "Sukno" has a complete cycle, including the following technological stages: carding, spinning, weaving and finishing. Within the framework of these stages, a significant number of transitions are performed, provided by the production process of obtaining hardware yarn, harsh fabrics and their subsequent finishing.

Fabric coat group: Drapes, fabrics such as "tweed", creating a sense of expensive elegance, lightweight cloth for sewing extravagant youth coats and jackets, for now fashionable clothes in the style of "military" (jackets, English overcoats, models " Ulster»);

Fabric costume groups: different in color and texture weave, jacket destination, "tweed", a variety of cage, fashionable colors, fabric-companion fabric for sewing school uniforms, uniforms;

Fabrics for special and departmental purpose: used as various ministries (defense, interior Ministry, EMERCOM, Federal penitentiary service), and industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. The range of application is very wide: uniform (organizations of the railway), work clothes, special clothes for workers of hot shops, clothes for welders, application in the baking, furniture, footwear industry, etc. The range of products for departmental purposes includes positions, the need for which is regularly determined by the announcement of tenders by law enforcement agencies not only of the Republic of Belarus, but also of the CIS countries. This: cloth overcoat, hat, jacket, lightweight instrument (for sewing chevrons and edges), fabric lining for military clothing, various Drapes. The technology of giving water-repellent and acid-proof properties to fabrics and cloths with the use of special emulsions has been worked out. We also carry out orders for blankets for military purposes, which meet the requirements of special technical conditions.

With products of JSC "Sukno" well-known sewing companies in the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries, (CJSC "Vesnyanka", JSC "Banner of industrialization", the headwear factory "Ludmila", "elegant", Garment factory "Semiramis" and many others). We constantly carry out deliveries to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan for law enforcement agencies.

 Collection of home textiles: classic plaid and jacquard blankets, pure wool plaids, wool blend with the content of Nitron fibers for strength and durability, cotton for softness, light stylish blankets made of Nitron fiber for summer walks. JSC "Sukno" is the only manufacturer of children's blankets in the Republic of Belarus. We focus on a large investment of natural fibers, set a high standard of quality control of children's products, taking care of the health of future generations of the nation. The entire range of blankets can be presented in a gift box, which gives the product an attractive appearance and will be a great gift for any celebration.

JSC "Sukno" is interested in the trust of our customers. Quality is the best recommendation for intermediaries and end users. We strive to produce high-quality products, ensure prompt execution of orders and professional work with customers, confirming the authority and name gained over more than 70 years of its activities.

Higher organization:

Belarusian state concern for production and sale of light industry goods (Bellegprom Concern»)

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