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About Company

We are  the producer of  a wide range of high-quality cloth woolen and semi-woolen fabrics, blankets and plaids as well as defence materials.

Our enterprise is equipped with more than 500 units of technological machines for full textile production circle (spinning, weaving, trimming).

Our current collection contains of a few hundred articles and constantly replenishes, thanks to the new workings of design every new season according to fashion trends, wishes of consumers and market requirements.

All our fabrics mainly natural: pure-wool and union clothes contain the fibres of angora, polyester, viscose, flax, lavsan, etc.


To date we deal in variety of fabrics including:

coat fabrics: classical examples of velours, thick woollen clothes, elegant tweeds, light clothes for extravagant youth coats and jackets, for fashionable coats in “military” style;

costume group: various on color scale and the texture, "tweeds", Mackinaw, fabrics for  uniforms and school uniforms;

of special purpose which are used by both various military departments and industrial enterprises (uniforms, special clothes for hot shops, clothes of welders, application in the baking, furniture, shoe industry).


The collection of home textile by «SUKNO» will create the warm and cosy atmosphere in your house. There are classical checkered and jacquard blankets, plaids pure wool, mixed with the maintenance of lavsan fibres for durability and the cotton for softness, easy stylish plaids from a synthetic fibre for summer walks.


To increase the confidence in its products, the enterprise introduced ISO 9000 quality management international standards and was certified according to its requirements.

The most important for us is to be deservedly recognized by our clients. We are interested in trust and loyalty of our clients.





address:  Minsk, st. Matusevicha, 33

tel./fax: (+375 17) 253-99-56, e-mail: